ASP.NET Hosting Default DNS Entries


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After completing the new ASP.NET shared hosting plan purchase process, I noticed I was getting a DNS related error when trying to access my page. After a couple of hours I noticed the most obvious issue in that the 'www' subdomain A record was not there while all others like ftp, mail, mssql were all there. After adding the www A record in the DNS entries through Plesk, it solved the issue. I'm not sure if my case was special or if there's a missing auto config DNS setting missing on your end. What made it difficult to troubleshoot was was auto redirecting to or else I would have found the issue sooner if didn't autoredirect since I would see one was working and the other wasn't... Just wanted to point this out.


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Thanks for the report. Turns out the new Plesk Windows 12.5 did not include www. This has been added going forward.