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Discussion in 'General' started by mark edwards, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    hello all - i am getting a bit irritated with and am looking for a new domain name registry.

    according to

    fabulous and (and are looking like winners. any opinions?

    NOTE: friends dont let friends use godaddy, ever.
  2. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    This is the first I've heard of of fabulous. Namecheap has a long history and you should be much better off with them than 1&1.
  3. Wiseword

    Wiseword New Member

    I would recommend Namecheap. I registered my latest domain on Namecheap. It's cheap and they will get your domain registered under private registration for free (for the first year).
  4. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    well, one thing (maybe the only thing) that does right is private registration for life. being technically-challenged, this appeals to me.

    maybe using the rather cool dns tools, i can live with and its limitations.
  5. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    jon - are you asking about which name to choose, or where to register it?
  6. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    That previous post was a signature spammer. Its been cleaned now.
  7. Michael Lavrik

    Michael Lavrik Administrator

    you can also register domains right from the control panel.
  8. Logician

    Logician New Member

    I have been with namecheap for YEARS. Never had a complaint.
  9. James Corthell

    James Corthell New Member

    I've used Namecheap a long time ago, it wasn't bad; after a while I moved things around and was at Godaddy for a while until their support went to crap... I signed up for an SSL cert with them and I couldn't ever get a valid certificate from them (yet with the same data I supplied to eNom I got a certificate there that worked the first time).
  10. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    always remember - Friends never let friends use Godaddy, for any reason. Godaddy is pure evil.

    i might give a try....
  11. David MCcracken

    David MCcracken New Member

    crazydomains but i mainly use interserver :D
  12. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    hmmm well from my research, namecheap is looking more and more like the winner (for this month, anyways).

    i just shot an email off to 'em seeing if privacy (vs public) is a free option. lets see how quickly they respond (another criteria).
  13. James Corthell

    James Corthell New Member

    If you find an enom reseller they generally offer the dynamic dns service enom has with registrations and it works really well, but they're going to be in the $10+/yr range (my reseller account is $9.45 base and I offset client domains off of that).
  14. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    it is sorta hard to walk away from given the free privacy registration feature! i will probably end up having a couple of the important domains at and just leave the rest at - unless a better deal comes along.
  15. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    status: for the easy names, but any name that requires a nameserver, TEXT record, or anything else even slightly complicated will be on is OK for A, MX and CNAME... and of course they have the free privacy.
  16. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    IMHO, is adequate for most domain names, since they offer free private registry (and little else). for the others, seems to be up to the task.

    but what i REALLY appreciate is using for all dns records. this seems to be the missing piece to the puzzle.
  17. Navid

    Navid New Member

    am using for many years the price is also good "Slab 3" and Free Whois protection.
  18. Gametimerz

    Gametimerz New Member

    Thanks for the Info , Helpfully for me .
  19. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    new player - - they may be a bit cheaper.

    i am starting to look at domain registry purchases like i do bottled water!
  20. thebrad

    thebrad New Member

    Namecheap i think its the cheapest one out of them all, and the auction is so good i put my domain up for 2 days and it sold for $4 but sadly not much as i lost on it but its money for free.
  21. Jordan Price

    Jordan Price New Member

    Yeah, I agree with a lot of people here. NameCheap has some cheap domain names. I've been looking to buy one for a while now and browsing. I'm planning on going with NamCheap or because I'm in Australia. Hopefully I'll be able to find a cheap one. CrazyDomains had a deal doing domains for $3 a year the other day, too!
  22. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    i grabbed a couple of test-names on on the cheap.

    i'm starting to think the ideal will be to transfer a domain every time its up for renewal and save a few $$ by transferring names back and forth.
  23. hop0n

    hop0n New Member and are both cheap and reliable. I've been using their services for a few years and I'm quite happy with them.
  24. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    "friends dont let friends use Godaddy"
  25. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    Just make sure you give yourself more than 7 from the expiration date to ensure it doesn't expire during the move.
  26. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    Next question: What features do you think InterServer domains (>domains) are lacking that other providers may have.
  27. Hanaseru

    Hanaseru New Member

    I still use godaddy because there is good service, and I haven't had any problems with it before.
  28. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    when godaddy tried to charge me $150 to restore a file once, i decided that was the end.

    also, that last super-bowl ad was sorta gross (i am trying to withhold the tacky comments) - and i am not a fan of Bob Parsons since the guy is an egotistical maniac.
  29. RomanAnthonysMama

    RomanAnthonysMama New Member

    The only one I've ever used, unfortunately, was GoDaddy. I was helping a family member set up a website. We didn't really have many problems, but I did suspect there were cheaper and easier options out there. I wish I had of done more research and heard about the Namecheap option instead.
  30. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    not to worry. some of us actually used A-O-hell once upon a time as well. there are many good support groups for godaddy customers to help lead them away from evil.
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