By request: Export to CSV


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Services can be exported to CSV now, per a customer request.

This is available on list vps (and licenses page) at the bottom left a CSV file can be exported.


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Microsoft Access is a popular file based database used typically by small organizations with limited numbers of users and by individuals as well. MS Access data can be accessed using the MS Access application in a visual way as well as through traditional SQL based approaches.
Follow these steps to easily export the results to a CSV file:
Click on the table or query to export from (in this example “Top Ten Orders by Sales Amount” on the left)
Click the “External Data” tab at the top of the window
In the “Export” section click “Text File” and a wizard will appear
Choose a location for the exported CSV and name your file (make sure the file ends with a .csv extension)
Click OK
On the next screen be sure the “Delimited” option is selected
Click the “Advanced…” button in the lower left of the window
SpatialKey stores its data as Unicode UTF-8, we need to ensure that the data is exported in this format
Click the drop-down box next to Code-Page
Choose Unicode (UTF-8) in the options list
Click OK
Back at the Export Text window click “Next”
Be sure “Comma” is selected as the delimiter and Text Qualifier is a double quote: “
Click the checkbox “Include Field Names on First Row” (should be selected)
Click “Next”
Verify the file name and location and click “Finish”

I hope this is information will be helpful!
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You can also export a single table by:
Right-click the table name in the object tree view.
Select Export.
Select CSV. The Export Data window shows up.
Click Format tab.
Select Format as CSV.
Enter a file name and location.
Click the Columns tab.
Check the columns you wish to export.