captcha thoughts

hello -

i hate captcha as much as anybody, but unfortunately we do live in a world where some form of captcha is necessary (uh oh - do i hear an argument?)

the standard captcha we all know and love (hate) keeps getting harder and harder to read.

so, i looked at several others:
  • sweetchapcha
  • visualcaptcha
  • recaptcha
sweetcaptcha recently had some sort of situation going where they were injecting malware. very sad, since sweetcaptcha was hands-down my favorite to use.

visualcaptcha also had a deal-breaker too but i forget offhand what it was.

the winner IMHO is googles recaptcha. yes its irritating to pick out all the cookies, pies, democrats, etc, but once google determines you are really an actual human being, you dont have to go through the captcha exercise every time. that's a huge plus. google also keeps analytics of your webpage activity.

any other thoughts?


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I like the captcha idea. And I like google's new one where you are generally putting in the number on a house and is very easy.

There are captcha's I can not read, that are very annoying requiring me to refresh. So I say go for it as long as it generally is easy to do.
i didn't think the house-number one was from google, i thought that was the old standard captcha. several of my old captcha pages started using house numbers instead of the squiggly hard-2-read words.

what i like best with the new captcha is that you dont have to prove yourself every time, it remembers you are human. the new google one looks like this:



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My main concern with captcha like tests is in accessibility. I know that some give an audio option, or will refresh if one is too hard, but there's so many elements that come into play, from color blindness to full blindness, deafness, or eye-strain induced migraines. I wish there were a simpler way to verify humanity without stressing out people with difficulties. Though there's now a lot of options for verification, I don't think we're there yet for making something streamlined that everyone can complete with ease, that isn't replicable by a robot.


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There is a capture that uses a puzzle to allow the access to users. It can be a bit frustrating if the blocks aren't perfectly aligned but at least it's different to the tedious standard capture. It ends up being two things in one a game and a capture verification.
Des anyone know the name of this capture?
I have experienced all the captcha (as a commentator and visitor). yes, it is frustrating to fill the information and sometimes the captcha code is hard to understand. However, captcah is very necessary to keep Roberts and spammers at bay. I am yet to install captcha on my website and when I am ready, I will perhaps use Google captcha
Oh my gosh, I thought I'm the only who felt that way about captcha! Good to know that you guys despise it as well, lol. I especially hate those captcha letters where they aren't even readable to begin with. And I have poor eyesight so I have to really focus and look closely at the letters to see what it is because sometimes the letter "i" looks like a "j." And things like that.

I also like recaptcha because it allows your brain to think more. You have to do puzzles and complete pictures which I think are better than squinting at a letter that is indecipherable! Haha!


Well, I have long thought captchas were a waste of my time. What percentage of new users are bots? I think the numbers are quite low. Same goes for existing connections. I like 2 step verifications. I also like other similar forms of verification.