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If I am in the wrong forum, I apologize.
My MSAccess database uses a mysql db housed at InterServer as backend for the program. Within the program I have vba code that allows users (all 10 of us) to send emails to selected members of the group. I would like to set it up to send using our organization's email credentials. Your email server won't relay it--I also don't get a bounce notification. We are talking about maybe 300 emails scattered through the year--the organization is 170 senior ladies running a once-per-year golf tournament, so no abuse here. If I experimentally set it to use my personal website email (with another host), I give it my email address, smtp (, port 25, password, and Auth:yes, it sends through just fine. Why cannot I do a similar setup with your email address/server? I have tried,, password, port 25 and auth-yes. Also tried as smtp with port 465 and SSL checked--still no go.


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Please open a ticket in under the support tab and include the email address you are sending TO. We will need to check the logs to see what the error is.

There is an SMTP smart host on shared hosting that blocks outbound spam, and keeps the ips from being blacklisted. This can have false positives or some type of block - so we need to verify first thats not the problem.