CentOS upgrade procedure?


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There is no built in updater for centos. In the past there have been ways to upgrade from 3->4->5 manually for example: https://www.interserver.net/forum/threads/upgrading-centos-4-to-5.249/

I have done 3->4->5 in the past. Generally it worked. From 5->6 I never did- checked it out in the past and there were issues with it. Since centos5 is still supported it hasn't really come up.

Generally speaking I would say the best option is setting up a new vps and copying the data to it.

Any upgrade will be risky. Looking around I did come across: https://linuxacademy.com/blog/linux/centos-7-upgrading-from-centos-6-x-in-place/

It looks like it could be possible.
my advice: tar and mysqldump your stuff over. once in place, manually change your local etc hosts file to point to your new IP number. that way you can make sure things are working before making the formal switch.

also, go ahead and move up to php7 now. its a good time to do it. you may have to make a few minor code changes along the way.
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