chrome shell plugin

hi all -

for years now i have been using PuTTY to access my server, no complaints.

i just tried chrome shell plugin and it seems to work too. this might come in sort of handy.

doing copy works the same, but doing the paste required a bit of research - ctrl-V (dont forget the shift key)
yup just a simple chrome tab. cool stuff. i still am not sure if there is any advantage of this over PuTTY, and i really don't know what happens if you are using those pesky security credentials.
orlando - funny you should post this - i was not sure how to start chrome-SSH after its installed, or i cant remember. i just visit the website but there is probably a better way, and i bet you know what it is.

UPDATE: i installed SSH on a chromium-notebook at a best-buy and it worked! unfortunately, i got thrown out of the best-buy in the process, but it was nice to see the option working.