Dedicated Server : Jhon Quag Your Help Needed

Ahmad Rasheed

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Jhon i bought dedicated server with u. for 86$.. Intel dual core 1.6 Ghz, with 2 GB RAM, 250 SSD. i paid and dedicated server is setup now. Jhon i don't doubt ur services i am using from 1 year without any complain. Plz see u charged me 85$ with cpanel while is offering same vps with free cpanel and wordpress install facility just for 25$ per month. only difference is ips for 1.55$ for recurring months. Jhon being a customer i have to pay every month and as a customer price is one of the biggest concern for me. plz tell me why ur server is so expensive. plz guide me before we start migration. customer satisfaction is ur responsibility sir.
Dedicated Servers
- $29 Dedicated Server

» CPU: Dual-Core 1.9GHz: Included
» Operating System: CentOS 6 64-bit (Recommended): Included
» Control Panel: None
» RAM: 2GB RAM: Included
» Primary Hard Drive: 250GB HDD SATA2: Included
» Secondary Hard Drive: None
» Bandwidth: 5TB: Included (Overages billed $.07 per GB)
» Port: 100Mbps: Included
» Additional IP Addresses: Plan Default
» Managed Server: Standard 24/7 Technical Support (Self-Managed)
» Managed Firewall: Self-Managed Software Firewall
» Managed Backup: None
» Microsoft SQL Server (Windows OS only): None
» Dedicated Server Type: Bare-Metal Dedicated Server: Free


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We have discussed this over email, but I would like to place the points in the forum discussed:

webmin is a control panel that is not similar to cpanel. While it is free / open source it does not install apache, php, mysql or have easy one click installers. Essentially the free cost is negated by the additional system admin work required to use the panel. There is nothing wrong with webmin and it can be a good learning experience, but it is not a drop in replacement for cpanel.

The config is for a self managed server, vs fully managed you are getting at interserver.