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I expected something that was at least a bit better than this. There was one guy answering the phone. Not only was he completely rude, but entirely sarcastic. I asked him if he could help me with something he explained what time it was in NJ and how he was the only one there. I explained to him my issue, and he told me to make a support ticket after I told him how I didn't get a proper response from the person of whom responded. As I received more fluctuation of sarcasm, and pure irritation that he must talk to someone, I shared my opinion on his attitude. He cut me off and put me on hold for 30+ minutes. Wanting me to hang up I decided to just allow him to do nothing in the office so I hung up. I really didn't understand why he had to be so hostel.

To InterServer:

DO NOT advertise a 24/7 line if your personnel are going to be completely rude. I've been nothing but a loyal customer. I have never had issues like this until this month. First time ever that i've wanted to cancel my service and go to someone else. Again, if you're going to advertise "ZOMG CONTACT US 24/7" don't waste my time with people that aren't going to help. I'm extremely surprised that any of your staff would treat a paying customer like that. Once my time is up on this service I will no longer be purchasing from you guys. From the horrendous support I received from the support ticket, to the terrible paki pretty much hanging up on me. I really hope you enjoy turning customers away with your "help".

Call Was From: 2:01 AM - 2:09 AM or 5:01 AM - 5:09 AM

Enjoy your customer support feed back.....

- SeaWorld


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While I appreciate the feedback, the language I hear used on this call I consider unacceptable to talk to any of our staff. As for your support ticket, the response on port forwarding I find acceptable and with in line with what we offer with our support with windows, as this really goes beyond the basic OS and networking for windows. I believe however cooler heads can prevail now and we can get this to work. I understand frustration with having something not working as expected. I responded to your forum post and think that port forwarding is not what you are looking for at all. Try disabling the firewall and connecting to the IP + port you want to, or open the two ports in the windows firewall There should be no port forwarding needed.