Do you use github to host you source code?

Hi guys I just wanted to know how many of you use github to host their source code in order to share it with others or to simply have a backup of it. Personally I use it a lot as I am a developer in a team thus we use it a lot when we're developing together also because of the commit system that I must say it is really useful. What about you?
excellent suggestion to use github - i have successfully put off learning anything about it, except for the downloading. thanks for sharing.


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Github is very well trusted and used. Of course, always check code for quality from an unknown source. Some of my favorite scripts were placed in the open market when the original owner lost interest in coding it.
the suggestion to use github as a backup was well worth reading this post. its embarrassing to admit how little i know about github beyond "clone".

Joe Huss

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Iv'e got hundreds of projects, and while i do LOVE GitHub (they did an amazing job on covering basically every aspect of development/deployment in there offerings) It costs alot when you have alot of private repos.

For years I had been using Submin ( But It really only handles repo management with Trac integration and looks like the 90s. Its got SVN and GIT support.

Ive Tried using Redmine ( and Gitorious (, but they were too insecure and seemed to have occational bad vulnerabilities. They had a nicer interface but still nothign quite like GitHub.

Recently I've been using Phabricator ( and it comes pretty close to a feature set like GitHub. Phabricator is written in PHP and developed by Facebook. It supports Git, SVN, CVS, etc. Its completely free (which is why I went with it) so there is no wall where you have to start paying for the really good features. Its *very* actively developed and has for the most part upgraded fine between builds (I was running the master[read:dev] branch of it).

Confluence, IntelliJ/JetBrains, and a few other companies have some REALLY nice Development platforms similar to GitHub but the community/free versions are very limited and it starts costing alot as soon as you want the good features or use it for more than just a few tiny projects.

Lastly theres good old SourceForge. Not a bad platform but it pales in comparison to GitHub. The SF platform is good/solid but much of it still looks like it did in the 90s.

There is nothing that comes close to GitHub for opensource project hosting, but if its closed source software then GitHub quickly becomes less favorable.

Well thats my 2 cents... back to coding


I use github a lot. I mean a lot. It has all the nice features of a repo and its easily accessible. Plus, once you learn how a team of devs can work on the same code base at the same time and yet merge without problems, you fall in love with github.

Also, if you don't have personal projects on github, no serious company or client should or will hire you. Just my opinion.