Domain registries to AVOID?


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You mean GoDaddy isn't a good domain registry?
I was really starting to like Danica Patrick too.. it seems they are the number one seller of domain names though?
What gives?


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It is good to know that GoDaddy has such issues. I was planning to buy my domain name from them but now I have second thoughts. I think I will check out namecheap which has better reviews.


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I've had experiences with and

Like any rookie at first it seemed that godaddy were pretty good, and I even enjoyed bob's Blog on more than one occasion.

Godaddy did its job. I used to go coupon-hunting and was pretty excited when lowering prices through them. I made it a policy of not using godaddy unless there's a valid coupon for the transaction. I sold several domain names through "godaddy push" as well as by regular transfer means to other registrars with little problem. In the end I moved away from them for various reasons.

When comparing godaddy with namecheap, it's obvious why all the others throw rocks at godaddy. Privacy on namecheap is free for the first year and then it is inexpensive. I remember wasting time hunting for godaddy coupons routinely, including privacy ones.

When using namecheap even without any coupons, it is a great overall experience.

+1 Namecheap.
-1 Godaddy.


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Some time ago dotster began spamming me with info on domains that were about to expire, suggesting that I grab them right away. It became too annoying for me so I transferred to another registrar. I had tried Go Daddy many years ago and found their prices too much at the time.


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I would stay clear from registers such as Crazydomains,, they are just in this gig to make money, and nothing else. Seriously, the renewal fee is just non-realistic.
Last time I checked Interserver provides domains :D I've had issues with GoDaddy randomly locking my domains..

NameCheap is the best. End of story. 10 dollars for year with whoisguard.
Correction, namesilo would be the best, the amount of discount you get for bulk purchase is unbeatable. And to make my fact more strong, they also offer free whoise guard, all coming under 9$ for major TLDs.
I would recommend not registering with whoever you are getting your host with. They often charge a lot more than what it would cost you to go just with a domain register.


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Godaddy seems pretty shady, in my opinion. I've been interested in it before, but it hasn't really managed to sparkle any lightbulb whatsoever, and I've eventually given up to actually invest something with them.


Honestly, I've seen much worse than godaddy. The vast majority of our small/medium business clients use godaddy because their support is amazingly quick and usually gets the job done. I've only encountered one occasion where we stumped them (one of their load balancing smtp servers was blacklisted), every other occasion I've been able to get through to live help and have the issue resolved within 30 minutes.
I have been looking for a good domain registrar to register a few domain names for a couple of weeks now. I think now I have my answer which domain registrar to choose. There are going to be flaws in every company but at least with Godaddy you get quick support to help you out.


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I have been looking for a good domain registrar to register a few domain names for a couple of weeks now. I think now I have my answer which domain registrar to choose. There are going to be flaws in every company but at least with Godaddy you get quick support to help you out.
I suggest you take a look at Namecheap. I personally think they are the best in the business. GoDaddy is obviously the most popular, especially because they have a lot of coupons which you can use to purchase domains for very low prices. But I've heard so many horror stories about them. Namecheap, on the other hand, has been excellent. Their support also responds quickly, and I've never really had to ask them for help because I haven't had any problems.


Well thanks friends for not letting me use GoDaddy because it was suggested to me a couple days ago, so thanks very much. Any others that are bad? This is the first I've learned of any that won't be good for you to use.


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I was once tempted by - they currently offer a "free" domain and a year's "free" hosting for a £9 set-up fee.

If you realise soon after you go with them that your choice of domain name was ill-advised, you can't change it. You bought a "package deal". You want another domain name, you have to buy another "package deal". No way of adding more domains to your extensive disk space. You have to give notice to quit their service, it tells you how long the notice is in the T&C, it is at least 30 days (I think it is longer but I don't remember). If you don't respond to billing emails, they take the money off your card anyway. When you do quit, they keep your domain up for another year, in which time you can't access it, so you can't get your hands on the domain you didn't want anyway.

If you have a domain you want to use, I believe you have to transfer it to them. You're not allowed to transfer out the domain in their T&C - they grant you the use of the domain, it is not yours. They register the domain in your name, but they tie it to the email address they provide in the package deal, so you lose control of the domain as soon as you stop paying them.

The hosting is reliable and affordable. The way they work is rigid and inflexible. Only suited to people that want one easy-build website and then want to forget about it, apart from paying the bills.


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Eh, only really bad one I've seen is GoDaddy. I've personally not had too many issues with them, but I've heard way too many bad things to trust them any longer.


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In the theme of the recent thread that was looking for name registrar suggestions, have you guys encountered any that are extremely bad?

I'm talking about support response time, price, anything that could factor in to your purchasing decision.

Before I started using namecheap, I had picked up a domain over at domainsatcost. They were okay at first, and the prices were pretty cheap but then over time the prices started getting higher. I recall my first renewal being a bit of a shock and when I tried to contact their support by phone, I had no reply and by email it took nearly a week before I got a canned reply.

Any horror stories?
I had GoDaddy and it was very expensive. I ended up closing my website because they charged way too much and the technical support was lacking.


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I use for domain registrations because they always offer deals on domains. I tried to avoid Godaddy because I want to avoid upsells. Price is almost the same though. Namecheap is okay and I hear no complains from the users. Support is not an issue for me though because as far as I am concern I always get response.

  • has severe Web site implementation problems. You may not be able to make changes when you need to.

    These guys' Web site was revamped with severely broken Javascript. You may have trouble finding a browser that works there. Any Registrar too stupid to offer a browser-neutral Web interface probably has other technical problems. Too bad, they were one of the pioneers, but they seem to have fallen down. One user reports their lost password recovery mechanism is broken and they are unreachable by phone.

    The password recovery mechanism does not work. If you lose your password you have to call their customer service line.


    This company spams. They scan Whois for expiring domains and solicit the registration contacts. Spamming indicates a poorly-run company.


  • is not an ICANN-accredited Registrar. They are (Dec 3 2001) fronting for a wholesale-oriented Registrar, Tucows d.b.a. OpenSRS. One of my users reports Hostica's customer service is poor.

    This company spams and hosts spammers, ignoring all complaints. That's a good indication of widespread managerial incompetence. I would not trust them with a domain. They might screw up and transfer it to a scalper, or sell it off themselves.
I have account on Go Daddy, before I registered a domain on Go Daddy and host my domain, I did a personal research, and I was shocked to find that many customers had horror stories about Go Daddy, therefore, I ended up with Namecheap.