Email Question


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I noticed you have an email service for $5.00 per month. we have a club website on another server with about 600 to 700 members at this time. it grows and shrinks at different times of the year, but is slowly growing over time. So the question is how many emails could be sent without having it thought of as spam. I believe they send several emails each week. Maybe from 2 to 10? Not sure, but never a lot. I'm currently looking mostly for my own projects, but we are also have some people that want more that what we do now. So I may be looking at some of your different frameworks.


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The max emails per hour is 200 / hour.

Outbound email uses a service called Mailchannels. This checks messages for possible spam content, sends from good reputation ips and checks the remote server response (like ok, delayed, blocked for content etc). Based on these emails could be blocked if it is determined to be spam or generating complaints automatically.