Exchange server on office 365


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Hi all,

We are looking at getting an office 365 service for our company and this will include using the exchange server that comes with that offering. For that, we'll need to point out domain to office 365.

How do we point the email "aspects" of our domain to our office 365 account and still have the web and ftp hosting functionality on our vps - using the same domain?

What do we change and where to do this?




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The service will give some things in dns to change. At least an MX record - but probably some TXT records and other cname or A records for mail. It is easy for InterServer support to make these changes and very common.


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With Microsoft Exchange Server you, (or your IT support company), are in full control of the hardware and infrastructure, whereas with Office 365 you do not have direct access to this. The difference can impact the level of control you have over configuration, upgrades, and system changes.