Favourite personal cloud service?


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What cloud service do you use the most? I've been an avid Dropbox user but I recently lost all the temporary bonuses I have so I wound up switching the Microsoft's One Drive which gives me about 100 gigs to work with, not bad at all!


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JustCloud, although a seemingly scammy website, has never disappointed me with their services, and unlike most other providers, their prices are a bargain!


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I am fairly new to the cloud service. I happen to like the one in Google, with your Google Drive. I also like the Microsoft One Drive. I am finding that the Cloud Storage is becoming useful, because sometimes, your computer crashes and this is like a permanent back up.
My favourite personal cloud service is the one offered by Google for sure. The reasons are many.. just to name a few of them:
  • syncing with other devices
  • reliability and fastness
  • free
  • etc...


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The main one I use is called OwnCloud. The reason I like it so much is because it is an open source script that you can install on your own server, yet still access it with their app. I just find it to be more secure because I host the files and they just give me convenient access to them.
I use Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. I love these cloud service because they are free to use. I also have an account on iCloud, but I have never used it.


Google drive, because all of my personal stuff is on google, so they can spy on me as much as they want :p

Amazon cloud storage for work/business related stuff, and for freelancing(which I consider a personal thing).

Dropbox for sharing large files with friends.

One drive, because my windows phone has it and not because I like or want it.
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