framework opinions

hi all -

i realize this question may sound like i am asking about favorite sports teams, but....

i have been interested in ruby for a few years now. it seems like ruby has been very slow to catch on, but rails is what was really been the success behind ruby.

and from what i can tell, php has been catching up with ruby with several frameworks.

here is what i have been able to determine. the best php-frameworks are:
  1. zend
  2. yii
cake is probably the most popular, and the oldest, but from what i hear its by far the most restrictive. symfony and codeignitor (sp) seemed to deserve an honorable mention.
rails is still very interesting looking, but zen and yii are interesting looking too. and there is something sorta sexy about ruby.

i have noticed that people start to get religious about their favorite frameworks.

thoughts or opinions? either way i go there is a learning curve up-front investment.

[full-disclosure] - i come from a perl background, but have been using only php lately.

Joe Huss

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Don't really use any of the frameworks myself but I'd say Zend is probably the safest one to learn as far as picking one that will stay updated and relevant (as its made by the PHP people instead of being updated at the whims of a 3rd party company that might not exist in a few years).
yes i saw those.

what makes my situation a little unique is that i am not coming at this with any preconceived notions, or baggage like having to support php4 or older versions of mysql.

for some reason, i was most interested in yii - but there is just something just plain sexy about ruby/rails.

Joe Huss

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Ruby is pretty cool. I've found maintaining / updating ruby projects more involved than PHP projects. I'd say go with whatever framework is written in a coding style you feel most comfortable with.
>>> I'd say go with whatever framework is written in a coding style you feel most comfortable with.

the problem is unless one is willing to expose themselves to a lot of different frameworks, you end up going on recommendations from trusted sources!

the one part about ruby i am most attracted to is that since everything in ruby is an object, that would lead to less code (said the ignorant newbie)

php was just absolutely drop-dead simple to learn. its almost so simple you dont really learn php. for that matter, all i do is cut/paste examples from the website.

if confession is good for the soul, i am getting a little bored with php, just like i did with perl.


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My question is what exactly are you trying to accomplish with a frame work? Easy editing / updating?

I've never used one in coding personally.
what exactly are you trying to accomplish with a frame work?
I know practically nothing about them, but given the enormous popularity of them, i can only assume there must be something extraordinarily powerful about using one for rapid-action-development.

Easy editing / updating?
all of the above! my hope is that what used to take me weeks can be accomplished in days using a framework.
i hope to combine some framework with jQuery and get new applications written much more quickly. this one-year+ development cycle has to be reduced.