hello all -

this morning i received an email advertisement from Sauce labs talking about a testing environments for the following:

Jasmine, QUnit, Yeti ,Mocha

it seems like every time i take an hour off, i come back to learn of a totally new way to code. it took me a couple of years just to learn jQquery, and i have yet to explore cakePHP or ruby_on_rails.

does anybody have any opinions on frameworks? i keep thinking just sticking with jQuery and ruby_on_rails, but i dont want to shut myself out to new ideas.

and while on the subject, whatever happened to google-Go or google-dart ?


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I asked our programmer and he doesn't use a frame work right now. Anything in particular you are trying to do?
i am interested in frameworks so i can get applications written, debugged, and implemented faster !

i am still mostly intested in jQ and RoR but am interested in other framework ideas.
jQwidgets it does, although that really just sits on top of jq.

it appears the best server-side frameworks for php are yii and zend - while cake has been called too restrictive.

for ruby, i can only assume its rails.

and i have to wonder whatever became of go and dart ? i thought that was supposed to take over.

Update - tiobe does not think too highly of ruby !

ANOTHER UPDATE - according to the ruby people, tiobe bases its popularity level on searches. since they listed cobol as up-and-coming, i am questioning their credibility.
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its a two-way race at this point as far as i am concerned:

  • php-yii
  • ruby-on-rails


  • yii has an advantage of having php as a back-end, so no significant learning curve. i also purchased a video series on yii.
  • ruby is just damn sexy, and there are actual training classes on rails.

php seems to have a dozen or more frameworks, but yii seemed to be the best one for a newbie, or at least somebody who is not tied into any existing framework. cakePHP has been around the longest, but has been called pretty restrictive.

the issue is spending quite a bit of time and effort on the learning curve. one wants to guarantee success for all the efforts.

i will probably sit through most of the yii video series (unless there happens to be a "love boat" rerun to distract me) and see what i can pick up from it.
the plot thickens.....

there are EVEN MORE jScript frameworks out there, particularly angularJS, coffeescript, and backbone.js -- so the challenge now is to figure out which of the two dozen php frameworks works best with the three dozen jScript frameworks.

i posted a question about this on the rails forum, asking about trying to use a client-side framework in addition to the server-side framework.

this reminds me a bit of the Tower of Babel.
i watched a youtube video on angularJS - i think it looks wonderful !

somebody on the rails forum told me that the latest rails version has jQuery built into it.

i will probably have to just pick three frameworks to settle down with!