Good Place For Server Administration Documentation

Keith Hinton

New Member
Howdy everybody!
Couldn't resist signing up to join the community, so thought I'd intraduce myself with a helpful thread on where you can find documentation that covers almost all you'd wish to know about system administration just in case you use a VPS from InterServer, or get stuck down the road in your Linux admin tasks!
The first documentation repo is well written for the most part, and even if you don't work with this provider, I still suggest giving the docs a look, as the suggestions tought in the documentation can prepare you for managing servers without technical support in the event that you go for some unmanaged solution from Interserver in the future such as a dedicated server.

Finally, the second repo that I've found useful though a bit outdated in some cases, can still be pretty useful, if for nothing else than to help newbies along in the world of administering Linux machines:
Hope this helps folks just getting started, and it might even be a good one for experienced admins; as no admin is perfect in administering a machine, and we all tend to do human errors from time-to-time.
I'd appreciate a comment or two from forum users or even commmunity admins, especially if you actually got something useful out of one or both of the documentation repos.