Google blacklisting

i have been doing something like this:

find /home -name '*.js' -exec wc -L {} \; | sort -n | head 50 ;

this will get the filenames of the jscript files with the longest lines, and then emailing myself the results daily.

i notice hackers love to insert some very long unreadable line into a jScript file.


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You should always monitor your site to avoid this. I think there use to be online services where they would scan your site for issues. You need to make sure you are on top of these things because when Google blacklist you. It can be a pain to get them to remove you.
the csf program that quags recommended also runs something that checks the md4 checksum value. i notice my yum updates trips the alarm occasionally !


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One of my blogs got flagged yesterday for some reason. It turns out that people were falsely reporting my site malware or something. I guess not only do I have to worry about something actually infiltrating my site. I have to also worry about people telling fibs.

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The Google blacklist makes sense from a normal user standpoint - it GREATLY reduces the chance of someone coming across nasty malware, since most people only go to sites they find on Google. It really shouldn't affect you unless you are lax about security on your site; although if you let users post their on content that is accessible by search engines you might want to be careful.

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Quite a few sites are getting blacklisted nowadays from the ads they run on their site. A friend of mine ran a tech blog that had over 100k uniques a day that got blacklisted from Google because of a malicious ad that was running without his control. It took him nearly 6 months to get the site back on Google and to gain organic traffic again, absolutely mayhem apparently.


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Putting security on the computer and antivirus software should be a thing all business people do, otherwise the customers will have to spend money and time removing the virus. It is good what Google is doing and protects the person going on the website from getting a virus on computer. If Google catches your website as spam or harmful will blacklist it so, should keep an eye on website and check it does not catch virus or sends it to to others.


New Member is a good resource to scan your site to fine virus's / blacklisting

I logged on to a certain blogging forum today and instead of it leading to my profile, as usual, I was taken to Sucuri. Imagine, I didn't bother to complete the captcha believing the site had been compromised. Ignorance can be so inconveniencing.. Thanks for the info
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Your site may be also blacklisted over the ads you are running. Some ads may be interpretative as containing malware. Sometimes when I am checking webpages in a website that I regularly check and my antivirus says it is a phishing link. When I wrote to the site admin, he said that's because of the advertisements.


There are a lot of great places online to check your IP. Also, I would keep making sure that you do not have links to your website coming in from shady websites.