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Is hiring a coder expensive? I am considering to hire someone to develop for me my site. I see some $5 offers on fiver. Are the coders trustworthy?
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Ultimately your best bet is trial and error. Check out their feedback and see their previous reviews, see how well they write in English on their front page, and then lastly just test them out on a small project. As they're individuals on a freelancing platform, it's hard to determine whether one might be better than the other. If you try them out on a small project and it works out, continue working with them! If not, keep looking and see if you can find one that fits your needs :)


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Good advice. I think fiver is going to be hit or miss, and very short term projects that are under 1 day.


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It really comes down to the size of the project and how complex it is. Don't expect someone to program a full five page website with php and a Mysql data base for $5. If its a simple project with simple coding, it could be a bargain.
i went through eLance and had a project done. it took MUCH longer than they guy said, but in the end, he did pull through.


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I don't know if Fivver is the place you want to hire a coder. How can you be sure it's good code? There's also the saying... "you get what you pay for" :/


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This thread is old, but I really hope no one hired a coder for $5.00. When it comes to programming, you truly get what you pay for.

Before I started working towards my degree in Information Technology, I was talking about web design with a friend of mine in Birmingham, Alabama. He told me that his company would not even entertain the idea of designing a website without $10,000.00 on the table from the client. That was when I realized that I was in the wrong business, and I had to get my degree finished! You really do get what you pay for, and looking for the cheap way out is never going to yield any positive results.


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Make sure you get very good references and always pay PER PROJECT.

If you pay per hour, then you're most likely paying too much. Unless the person sits in YOUR office and you can watch them, then per hour is a very bad idea. You'll be paying for them to run to the store, grab some food, chat on the phone with friends, etc...

If you pay per project, then they can do whatever they want as long as they meet the deadline.


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No one is going to give you a really good site for 5 dollars. On fiverr they might have some tool that helps them develop a splash page or something like that. It depends on what you are looking for with the website that you are trying to get developed. Being that it is only 5 dollars, it wouldn't hurt that much to give fiverr a try, but dont get your hopes up. I use to work for a guy that developed websites and he charged 800 to 2000 dollars and he considered that to be cheap. Of course he charged that money then paid me a portion of it to do all the work ( he was fully capable of doing it himself, but he was trying to run a business.). I would suggest taking the time to learn how to build one on your own that way you won't have to pay someone. I have had some things done for me on fiverr live voice overs and facebook fanpage likes. One thing that I have learned about fiverr is that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.


Well, I am a coder, and a fairly good one. I know for a fact that most of the coders I know overcharge and under-deliver. The best way to hire a code though is to go through a website such as freelancer. Fiverr works too, but you'll have to use their custom order option.

Freelancer.com is great because you have more control over what is going on. You handle it like a pro and tell the coder your exact requirement, you define the stages of development, review and rework, so that both parties are clear on what is expected. And you pay stage by stage and make sure you keep getting code at every stage.

The last part is important because I know people who were blackmailed into dishing out "amazing 5 star" ratings for crappy work, just because they didn't get the code base at different stages of development.

Its not cheap, but make sure its not over-expensive either.