Hong Kong Datacentre


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Hi all

Is there an expected date as to when the Hong Kong Datacentre will come online? Also, i have a pre-existing VPS located in New Jersey (which I am very happy about), am i able to easily move it to the HK one, and/or, if I were to decide to retain the New Jersey VPS but also get an additional one in HK - ie have 2 VPSs, then are there any discount rates for having the 2 VPS accounts?




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I don't see the HK location being online for a while (possibly into 2015).

It would be easy to transfer data to another location when available with an IP change.

You can contact sales @ interserver.net to see about discounts on multiple vps's.


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[QUOT E="Quags, post: 11814, member: 1"]Currently no new additional news on Hong Kong.[/QUOTE]
why ? lots of others hv hk servers now