How smooth is the upgrade process generally?

Keith Hinton

New Member
Hi, folks:
One thing I've been thinking about is, how smoothly does InterServer handel upgrade processes from one type of hosting plan to the next?
For example, suppose for affordability sake I decide that a VPS is not something I need right then, so I sign up with a shared hosting plan to run a WordPress blog or Drupal site.
Then, suppose that my site gets some income perhaps from affiliate URLs, etc, perhaps new sales directed to InterServer, who knows, and then I feel like switching to a new hosting plan, perhaps someday a dedicated server option, or something else on your hosting plans.
In such a case, would migrations be covered site data and such?
Are their generally any fees requested for such services if they exist?
That's something important I'd like to know about.
I'd hate for example to get a site up and running, spend a long time making it grow, and then when the time comes to upgrade to something else, "Oops, you're stuck."
So I'm just curious how InterServer handels that stuff, and weather or not migrations cause any downtime and such.


Staff member
If both ends have the same control panel (cpanel->cpanel or directadmin->directadmin) there are build in tools to do a migration. This makes it easy, except there is an IP change.

Lets say you are going to cpanel to no control panel. Assuming its a wordpress site, we can copy the site and db to say a dedicated box and get you up and running.