How to establish e-mail processing/filtering on incoming messages?


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I moved my hosting from another host which had a robust system ( called Smartermail) for creating rules and filters for processing incoming email before the message gets to the inbox. I was able to bounce emails from specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses, Bounce email from specific senders or domains, route incoming email to specific folders, filter messages by specific terms within the message, etc.

I have some email addresses that have gotten on spammer's lists, but some messages to those accounts are still legitimate. On the previous host I was able to bounce messages that were sent to a specific e-mail address that were not from specific senders or domains.

I read an article in the support area on procmail. but that seems to apply only to the Linux hosting platform.

Is there something similar available for windows hosting accounts that provides similar functionality.


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There is nothing similar on plesk. cPanel has a bit better spam filtering with email rules possible (not via procmail though), and spamassassin and greylisting. - mailchannels inbound is a service that will be possible to add in the future.