html5 and server

hello all - this is an idiot question, but quags has not started a forum for people who have been diagnosed as "technically-challenged" yet.

way back when the internet was called the Arpa-net, and the spice-girls were considered "cool", if you wanted to stream any sort of media to a website, you used some other protocol other than http, since http inherently has a lot of overhead. i believe the protocol of choice was rtmp:// or something close to that.

the idea was that the server didn't have to wait for a confirmation before each packet to be sent. the obvious price was possible errors in transmission, but that was a small price to pay for the faster speed.

also, it meant that we could fast-forward media and didnt need to wait for the entire media file to download if, for example, we only wanted to see the last 2 minutes of a two hour video file.

so my question: with html5, i notice that all the media is going through apache, and i assume using the http protocol.

i am going on the assumption that if i see this anywhere in my header:
Accept-Ranges: bytes
that my apache webserver does "true-streaming" natively, and i don't need to worry about installing any other special server to do true streaming.
is my assumption correct?