I access my account


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Have been having problem with accessing my WordPress admin page, have installed the security and it's still not showing the page, it's saying the ip adress couldn't be found


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Please open a ticket in my.interserver.net and we will assist resetting the wordpress password.


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Hello Abdul5626 ,

Seems like you have installed security plugin on your wordpress admin page to make it accessable only through limited ip address.

You can disable your plugin via database by going into wp-config.php table than edit out active_plugins column and remove out your plugin array or disable it by replacing 1 with 0 (1= True/ Enable & 0 = False)

Or you can SSH into the wordpress directory and use WP-CLI to disable your plugin with following command :-
1) wp plugin list ( to find out all the plugins used by your wordpress)
2) wp plugin deactivate pluginnamehere
  • Try this :-
  • Enter as many information as you can remember, even you don't know the exact date for example - try being as close as possible.
  • Use devices and/or locations that you have previously used to access the account to increase the chances of success.
  • Do not delete cookies on the devices before filing the recovery form and they might help to identify you.
  • If your account has been hacked, the process is the same. Please enter the information you know - even the hacker has changed them.