ImageMagick is not working properly with our forum



I have an issue,
We are using UBBthreads forum on our VPS account and members can
attach images with their posts.

The forum CP setting is that the uploaded images should not be more than 800px in full size.
and the compression level is 60%.
When Graphics Library To Use For Image Processing is set to "GD2"
photos are reduced in size to 800px as wanted and often the image ends up like 100-200kb which is good.
Above is all well HOWEVER the forum software maker strongly recomend the use of IMAGEMAGICK

So when I turn on ImageMagick in the forum CP settings and the following setting

ImageMagick Settings: If you have ImageMagick installed on the server and you fill in the paths below you will have the option to use ImageMagick for image processing functions.
Path to Convert
Example: /usr/bin/convert
Path to Mogrify
Example: /usr/bin/mogrify

This will result in that the images will NOT be reduced in pixel size and eachimage will be 1-1,5MB which is NOT accepable.
My question is How can I get ImageMagick to work properly with my forum software???
I posted a question sopme months ago in a support ticket and the reply was Yes ImageMagich is enebled and the paths are same as above.

Please advice and hopefully you understand my question


Staff member
It may be imagemagick is "too old", because the system is used a back ported version. Potentially getting the latest imagemagick installed in the /opt directory would be a good solution.


John, thanks for your answer, how could the latest imagemagick be installed in the /opt directory ?