installing new vim

hi all -

if you are a vim buff (as you should be) vim7.4 was recently released. here is what i did to install it.

1) log in as root
2) mkdir ./tmpvim ;
3) cd ./tmpvim ;
4) curl > vim-7.4.tar.bz2 ;
5) bzip2 -d *.bz2 ;
6) tar -xf *.tar ;
7) cd vim74 ;
8) ./configure --with-features=huge ; ## this is the only way i got history to work
9) make ;
10) make test ; ## dazzling fireworks display !
11) make install;

then i went into .bashrc (dot-bashrc) and added this line:
alias vi='/usr/local/bin/vim' ;

to double check your work:
vim --version ;

also just go into it without any file to see the version number.

note: when i did a "which vi" i now see:

alias vi='/usr/local/bin/vim'

previously i saw: /bin/vi