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I purchased 1 slice VPS with DirectAdmin, to find that DA was not installed at server setup. Generally when you purchase a vps with a control panel you expect the server to be installed with your chosen control panel.

And then when I found out that it needed to be installed and my ticket was sent to the department it needed too, just to be told I need to purchase it again. Even though I had purchased DA at server purchase.

If you can not have VPS setup with the control panel ordered installed as preset and a member of staff needs to install, staff should check the server details or invoices to see if you have purchased DA or cPanel/WHM instead of assuming the client has not purchased it already, unless staff do not have access to that information and if not they should.


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Thanks for the feedback. Currently control panels like DA / cpanel are not included in the server install images because of their frequent updates and need to compile some software like apache / php manually. I'll see about getting an automatic ticket in for a control panel install on a new order.
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