Intel CPU Bug - Meltdown and Spectre

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by Quags, Jan 5, 2018.

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    InterServer is aware of the threats known as mealtdown and spectre related to intel CPUs.

    Centos7/Centos6 (rhel variants) - Server running KVM for interserver's cloud servers will have rolling reboots starting today to apply patches. The patches have been tested on some servers already with out any known issues.

    Ubuntu14/16 - Some hostnodes, under 10% run Ubuntu 14/16. Once a patch is available it will be applied with rolling reboots.

    Cloudlinux6/7 - Testing patches are available, but not in the stable branch. We are currently applying on some test machines - so far no issues on cloudlinux7, cloudlinux6 patches are being redone. Once stable it will be applied with rolling reboots.

    Openvz Legacy / Openvz7 - no patch is available yet, but we expect one with in 24 hours.

    * Should a rebootless kernel reboot become available, servers will be patched with this. However, it is expected that it will not be available in time and most servers will have been rebooted to apply the updates. As Openvz and ubuntu patches are pending these are the only systems that might be applied with rebootless updates.
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    Cloudlinux7 is stable, servers will be rebooting in a rolling cycle.

    Cloudlinux6 - kernel is in beta, currently undergoing testing.

    Openvz - currently no patch is available yet. InterServer is building a kernel with a patch and will begin testing this tonight.
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    Openvz7 patches have been released. We are currently testing these on some test servers. One hiccup did occur on a test box where it locked up on boot which we are investigating.

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