InterServer OpenVZ systems now use Ploop


Staff member
We have now thoroughly tested ploop, a new file system by openvz for container virtualization. While it has been available for a while openvz set ups were still using simfs (the old layout). After lots of testing, and integrating it into our backup system all new set ups will now come with ploop except for centos 5 hostnodes which still use simfs (these are few and far in between).

Ploop now supports snapshots. This means backups in can be down with out downtime.

  • File system journal is not bottleneck anymore
  • Large-size image files I/O instead of lots of small-size files I/O on management operations
  • Disk space quota can be implemented based on virtual device sizes; no need for per-directory quotas
  • Number of inodes doesn't have to be limited because this is not a shared resource anymore (each CT has its own file system)
  • Live backup is easy and consistent
  • Different containers may use file systems of different types and properties

One main benefit is vzquota no longer needs to be used. This means that system start up will be faster, should a reboot be needed and the quota file need to be rebuilt.