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but the two most important pressing questions have yet to be addressed:
  1. who is the girl?
  2. why is she using a mac computer?


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I used to think the same way. Then about a year ago, when I was up in the middle of the night trying to get some linux drivers to load, recompile this, patch that, grab copy of windows wifi driver, and on and on. After doing this in various forms since the early days of slackware, I just got tired of it.

So I decided to give them a try. I got a refurbished MBP, and a mini server to use as my workstation.

I have to say I should have made the switch sooner. Yes its a little more expensive, but not much if you get a refurbished unit. My refurb was good as new. Old addage applies "you get what you pay for." Added plus, its BSD underneath the hood. So I can use most if not all the tools I use in the GNU world. It just works, to me it was worth every penny.

Added Plus + + I don't have to install windows! :)
But seriously, i totally agree with you (ouch that hurt). i cant begin to imagine how many hours (days, months) of my life was wasted trying to fix stupid problems (remember windows 98 and modem drivers?)

ZoomCloud - since you made the fatal mistake of bringing up the subject (which you are about to deeply regret):

i have been playing around (not working) with VMware, and i notice two things:
  1. there is a mac option
  2. there are mac ISO images
i am considering trying to build/run one of these. what do you think?
and in case you were wondering: this AM i am trying to get the new "opus" codec loaded into ffmpeg as a total newbie and i run configure/make - then wait 20 minutes to see the result


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I have never tried Mac in VMware. I use Xen for visualization. Would be a cool experience though. I have a few colleagues that built hackintoshes that work OK, but from what I have seen nothing works perfectly.


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