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Hi Sales Team,
From the day i purchased web hosting i am facing FTP issues.

Also some one hacked my ftp subdomain, some chinese page is appearing. Looks no one is helping and support members is telling me to wait and after sometime they themselves closing chat saying no response, If i am pinging in middle they are telling to wait. What is this . I want you to help in fixing, else i will move all my webshoting and also VPS hosting.

Why the chat is getting closed even though i have been told to wait when asked ?

gendra babu

  1. JUN 06, 2020

  2. Hi

  3. Hello Sarada Welcome to, how are you doing?

  4. Hi

  5. Can you please help in fixing my ftp issue

  6. looks someone hacked my FTP domain

  7. Sure,

  8. if i am accessing some chinese page appears

  9. Let me check it

  10. Than you for being on hold

  11. plz tell me

  12. what is the problem

  13. Could you please share us the registered email address on file with us? Also please click on and share us the call in PIN you will find there, this for verification.

  14. XXXXXX ( edited for security)

  15. Thank you

  16. any update

  17. Im checking on your issue, give me a minute please

  18. ok

  19. I’m sorry for the delay still working on your issue.

  20. plz update as u found root cause

  21. i am waiting

  22. Since there is no response from your end I would be closing your chat.Thanks for contacting
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First let me apologize for the chat. There have been some issues in our upgrade to rocket chat 3.3.0, which are now resolved. There were conflicts with the cdn and waf we use, causing some chat responses and replies not be reliably seen. I believe I have resolved these.

The FTP page error, was due to a vhost misconfiguration. The first vhost gets shown for sub domains that resolve to the server - and ftp exists but has no entry. It defaults to the first. Due to some dos mitigation that has come in, using a rotating IP system this caused the ftp page to display a page that is not your, and not just the default cpanel page. I have fixed it on the server you are on manually, and I am testing a global fix now.