Is selecting the logout option from the portal required?

Keith Hinton

New Member
Hello, folks:
I just wanted to ask, what is the best way to insure that you've logged out of the control panel/portal?
Must one click on the logout option necessarily? Or, can one simply press alt-f4 to shut down the browser of choice (if coming from Windows) command-Q on the Mac, etc, for a successful logout?
I'd also like to mention that on the affiliate program page, the title of that page has the word "Affilate" in it, and I believe that where you have the link saying to join the InterServer affiliate program, it has the word Affilate also mentioned. I did mention this on Facebook, (that's what I meant by typos), so hope that gets looked at. Also, your TOS document needs looked over, possibly ran through a spell checkor program.
One word that jumpt out in the TOS document is where you say wll instead of will. That document's few typos have been around for several years and could again, use a possible spell-check.
Spell checkors are good for the soul, as well as the webmaster. Grin.
I thought it would be okay to mention this stuff here as well.
Take care folks.


Staff member
The session will eventually expire with out activity, so a log out is not required.

John Baker

New Member
It's worth mentioning that the best policy to have is to always log out of sites with sensitive information on it - have to be as careful as you can be these days!