Just replaced my keyboad...


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Believe it or not I have never had a keyboard replacement that was nessecary. I thought they were impossible to "destroy". Maybe because I am a musician I have a soft touch, I don't know :)


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I've got this puppy:

It's a mechanical keyboard, so it should last a while (I hope...). Lovely to type on, but it did cost a fortune!

Hi MorgUK, can you please share the brand and model of that keyboard? I'm thinking of buying a new one (mine is almost like the OP's) and that one looks great.



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My mechanical keyboard gets really dirty all the time, so we're on the same boat. I'm too lazy to clean it regularly so I guess I just have to deal with it. It's a Razer Blackwidow for anyone wondering, and despite what you may hear (actually, I've only heard good about it) it's a great keyboard and types very well!


I hate the keyboards with spaces between the keys. They only think they do is to collect dust and other waste particles and cause the keys to get stuck and no longer function. I prefer the water proof keyboards with no space between the keys and so no water or dust can get between them.


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I have to say that one of life's pleasures is cleaning the hell out of my Macbook with Q-tips. I just sit there are go thru every little crevice while I zone the hell out. So freakin' satisfying.

Joe Huss

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cheap dell keyboard and just replace it every few months works best imo.. no keyboard lasts


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I use an MX blue board too, it's a really nice switch, I really love it!
I would definitively recommend a mech switch to anyone.


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I have a full mechanical keyboard that is LED back-lit. I don't have the problem with my letters rubbing off anymore because... well, they can't. I love my keyboard even though I was completely against spending that much on one. My husband got it for me and it's one of the best things he could have done.


I got a new wireless keyboard a few days ago and it is great. My old had gathered so much dust between the keys that the buttons started to stuck and some of them had stopped working. I just want a keyboard that doesn't allow dust particles or liquid to go between the keys.


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if i could make a suggestion - take an old keyboard and hold it upside down over a slice of pizza or a sandwich and shake it vigorously. the skin flakes actually make a delightful seasoning. use somebody else's keyboard for extra flavor.

That is truly disgusting. I feel sick to my stomach. Thank you.


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I kill two-three keyboards per year on an average, due to morning coffe accidents. Looking at my keyboard right now looks like it needs a good cleanning to be honest.
What a weird keyboard, it feels so uncomfortable X) Am I the only one here who has a "normal" keyboard or there is someone else that have some fancy new type of keyboard to show us?


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I have always hated the design of those keyboards. I hate the way they feel under my hands. If I ever bought a desktop and it cam equipped with a keyboard like this, I would have to run out and buy another one. I think the problem you are experiencing is not in the keyboard itself, but the design. By this I mean that the keys on this type of keyboard are raised off the board. This means they will become loose and fall off easier than the keys on a keyboard that has keys closer to the keyboard and not raised from it.


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I still have the first keyboard I bought and it doesn't seem likes it's going to give up the ghost soon. Curious enough the keyboard on my laptop is only 8 months old and is already showing some wear and tear.


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To be veracious I've never had such a quandary and I'm assuredly online all the time and type alot. I've had over 3 keyboards in 10~ years and not one has had this quandary. So I conjecture, yea it's just you.


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I've been using one keyboard for like 5 years before jumping from PC to laptop. And, honestly, it wasn't so good. I'm just kind of a lazy person.
I never have to change my keyboards because they were destroyed or too dirty. Maybe it's because I'm not much of a gamer and I am a girl that has quite soft touch, lol. Our laptops gave up on us but still the keyboards were fine until they died. With regards to dirt, we just use old makeup brushes to clean up dirts between the keys.
My laptop keyboard is 6 years old (as old as the laptop itself). It still works but I need to replace the keyboard because there are many keys missing.