linux alternatives

i could not help but notice there are over a dozen new linux options available on interserver.

i am using centOS. to a novice like me, different linux options is like comparing different bottled water brands.

is there an interserver information page that helps people decide which one to choose?

the reason i ask is that i will probably migrate from openVZ to kvm/xen soon in preparation for the day when i need to take advantage of cloud options.
of course, a favorite linux is like asking about the best sports team. the question is sure to start an argument in a bar.


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There is no information page yet on what to choose.

In my old age I like RHEL based systems (like centos). 7 years support / security updates. Backported packages, very stable, and things just don't change. In my younger years I liked having the ability for the latest and greatest, which Ubuntu will give.

Ubuntu / Debian - both have lots of options with in APT. Debian tends to hold back like centos using back ports. Nice you can apt-get distupgrade in these to go to the latest OS relese.

Centos - stable, has yum with a good amount of software and stable third party repos like EPEL and DAG.


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I agree with Quags. CentOS is the way to go for the reasons he mentions. If you want stable use CentOS. If you want kewl bleeding edge OMG look p0wnies, go Ubuntu.