Local scary DNS issue this morning.

hi all -

this AM for some reason my "wildcard" domain-name setup didn't seem to be working. in other words, i am supposed to be catching all subdomains into a wildcard, so if i see a domain name like this:

ThisIsAFakeSubDomainName.iLoveVirtualmin.com (pretend the domain name itself is real)

its not supposed to reject it -- but this morning it was being rejected.

usually when i see this happen, i switch from chrome back to firefox and see if the same problem happens (yes for some reason chrome seems to be caching things longer). yup same problem!

so, i fired up my trusty old dell laptop and ran my VPN to connect to another state - the problem disappeared there! ok so the problem is local.

my temporary workaround - manually change my DNS address to openDNS: and 220.220

i probably should have tried http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ but when you are in a panic, sometimes clear level-headed thinking is the first thing to go.

ok so i had no real reason to panic after all - but it was a little scary!