Locked out with no status


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Hello, I have been locked out of my account for many days now. The ticket number is HIO-990-45886 with an automated email stating priority is 1-3 hours.

I have asked to reverse the cancellation. I have also asked for a status update through chat. Only to be told that they will update me shortly, but it has been many days with no response or status update at all.

In the meantime, I have paid for a full year's service and all my sites are down.

Please advise?



Staff member
I see this is down to an unresolved abuse complaint, which when unresolved and open with out a resolution, action or counter claim puts interserver as risk for the infringement. I do not know if the site can be resumed, a refund may be issued in this case. I will ask abuse to check the ticket.


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Any updates? It has been a week since I submitted my ticket, HIO-990-45886 and I still have not received any response. Isn't this too long???

This abuse claim was based on one link from one of my site. The emails was directed to my junk folder, so I did not realize there was an issue.

But ALL my sites are still down, including acceptable ones while I have paid for a full year's service.

If you cannot allow my sites to continue, just give me a refund. As well, let me access my data and files for a week so I can move my sites to another hosting provider. You are holding my latest data and files hostage and preventing me from accessing it.

Please advise?