MailChannels SMTP relay now included with Shared Hosting


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Mailchannels is a service that prevents can detect and block outgoing spam automatically. InterServer shared hosting servers now use MailChannels smtp relay. With this:

Spam, such as from a compromised email account, is automatically blocked before it results in ip blacklisting

No changes are needed in any scripts or email, it is all seemless.

Additional features are:
  • Uses standard SMTP authentication; supported by almost every mail server.
  • Artificial intelligence figures out who sent each message, tracking sender behavior to detect and limit abuse.
  • ResponseAnalytics™ technology understands rejection messages from receivers, helping to identify compromised sender accounts and improve deliverability.
  • Automatically avoids blacklisting by pre-sorting outgoing email traffic into different risk categories and delivering out of hundreds of constantly monitored IP addresses.
It is a very interesting service. However, the problem I see with this is that some upgraded spam services try to block to much and they end up blocking some really important emails. And because I never check my spam folder if I have to start checking my spam folder which makes the service not worth it. Have you tried it out, how has it worked out for you, have you seen any of these issues?


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As a pro tip, always enabled DKIM to prevent spam emails and SPF to prevent unauthorized emails from being sent.


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This is specifically for outgoing mail not incoming. The incoming works as usual where you have the option to enable spamfiltering or not. What mailchannels prevents is blacklisting of IPs sending mail, if an account gets compromised in some way.