Manage WHM or cPanel with your iPhone or Ipad or Mac?

Vidal de Wit

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Hi Interserver Folks!

I'm a very Happy customer from since 10 years! Always great help and support!

Just wanted to let you know about some nice apps for iPhone / iPad to manage your WHM/cPanel control panels at interserver, looks pretty cool and handy!
there are some more..

But, does anybody know about cPanel /WHM Desktop Managers for Mac /OSX?
It would be nice to have one dashboard panel or easy way to run specific tasks like virus scan or statistics, CPU load or anything else you can do like the app links above, just all the info in one place?
I don't like to login into 10 accounts and do the same tasks over and over again...every day

Any tips would be nice!

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This looks similar to cpanel's munin which has a plugin available already (graphing / monitoring).

Hard to say specifically how icacti would be used. Looks like its based on cacti, normally that uses SNMP for monitoring.


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I never used this app, but this is pretty cool. I have used both WHM and cPanel before, and I'm amazed that they've developed a app to manage accounts in both WHM and cPanel.

Are there any similar apps for Android devices?