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Discussion in 'Development' started by mark edwards, Oct 18, 2014.

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  1. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    hello all -

    for quite awhile now i have been using php/jScript to get my data to the browser. i "invented" this method to get data from mysql to jScript:

    1) build a php multidimensional array with mysql queries. this probably requires several nested loops.

    2) issue the following line in the jScript section:​

    const marksArray  = JSON.parse('<?=addslashes(json_encode($marksArray)  );?>');
    so, my php is really just nested loops issuing mysql calls. the php multidimensional array then ends up being available to jScript/jQuery.

    but very recently i discovered meteor.js is doing the same thing, only MUCH better! it appears to get the best benefit from meteor, one should use mongoDB instead. from my research, it appears if one knows mysql at all, learning mongoDB looks very easy.

    mongoDB is storing data in a JSON format very similar to what mysql is doing. it has no schema, which has some advantages (and disadvantages as well)

    so meteor.js is merely acting as a conduit between your back-end server and the browser, making the mongoDB JSON "collection" available to your users. (this is literally all i know about it so far)

    there is a meteor.js training class in San Francisco (October 23) which i will be attending. meteor looks like it has a normal learning curve (unlike Java), but my brain needs this stuff spoon-fed into it, at least initially.

    any other interest in meteor.js or mongoDB?
  2. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    hmmm it appears that mongoDB (and all noSQL's) dont exactly support the concept of an sql-join... that may be a deal breaker!
  3. Quags

    Quags Administrator Staff Member

    Whats the reasoning for using mongoDB over mysql? When I want something simple to use, when out a database server I use sqlite, which can do join tables and doesn't have a database server running. Otherwise mysql, or now mariadb (which centos7 now uses) is the general choice to use.
  4. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    i would probably have chosen mysql just based on my own lack of experience, but mongoDG seems to offer quite a few benefits over mysql, such as speed and scalability.

    but the only reason i am even considering mongoDB is because of meteor.js, although i did read in one post they may be expanding to include mysql, or at least doing something about joins.

    some of us spent too much time in the relational world and embracing the concept of "levels of normalization" to give it up!

    mariadb ? sounds interesting -- i will have to look into it. thanks for sharing.
  5. mark edwards

    mark edwards Member

    it appears there is an interface for meteor and mysql through node.js. not sure about mariaDB, but i get the impression anything you can do with mysql you can do with mariaDB (only better ;)

    side-note: from what i skimmed, mariaDB has a very similar origin to that of mozilla and openOffice, where founding members didn't care for the new owners. admittedly, the idea of Oracle owning mysql makes me nervous. but the one "cant-live-without" tool is the gui-workbench. supposedly gui-workbench works with mysql, but there are alternatives out there (and as always, i am speaking from ignorance)
  6. ashleygull

    ashleygull New Member

    any opinions on upgrading php? i don
    E20-517 pdf vce - testking
    t necessarily need the new features, but there is talk of the newer versions running faster.
  7. Harib

    Harib New Member


    Why should Oracle owns MySQL?

    this is an open source and free for the world.

    These people like Oracle are not supporting people, they are there to just take peoples money!

    So they may take this open source free product and sell the license to you and you will be paying them for life.

    These people are not supporting us, they are here to use us.

    Just my opinion.

    They should keep away from our staff!
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