Migrating Wordpress site: Shared host to Interserver VPS


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I hope this might help others new to cPanel and VPS (like me). Please feel free to help refine these steps or descriptions if not clear.


Migrating Wordpress site (remote) to Interserver.net (local) w/cPanel.

This assumes current host ( remote ) is not running cPanel and you do not have shell access to remote. Typically, this is from a shared host to Interserver.net. mydomain.com is your current Worpress domain.

1) CPanel Addon Domains. Add domain name creating mydomain.com in /public_html/mydomain.com

2) CPanel MySQL Databases. Create database and add user to database with privileges (select all). Note db name, user and password.

3) (optional) Remove cgi folder. URL to new site is now: http://myslice.mydomain.com/mydomain.com

4) Disable any caching plugins on remote Wordpress site and empty cache.

5) Using Wordpress Duplicator plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicator/ ) create backup package and installer on remote server.

6) Move remote Duplicator package and installer to Interserver.net directory - /public_html/mydomain.com

7) Install local Wordpress site per Duplicator instructions using database created above.

8) Check all links, images, etc. at duplicated (local) site - URL http://myslice.mydomain.com/mydomain.com

9) Download and copy Serialized search and replace tool to /public_html/mydomain.com. Find it @http://interconnectit.com/124/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

10) Add mydomain.com using https://my.interserver.net DNS manager

11) Point mydomain.com dns servers to cdns1.interserver.net, cdns2.interserver.net

12) Run Serialized search and replace tool: http://mydomain.com replaces http://myslice.mydomain.com/mydomain.com

13) (optional) Put a small character somewhere on a page on the old server site and a different character on migrated interserver site so you know when dns propagation has happened.

14) Once interserver site is loading ( http://mydomain.com ) turn back on caching and check all links, permalinks, etc.

15) Add any email/ftp accounts associated with my domain.com

It really goes pretty fast and easy.


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I have been thinking of hiring someone to do this for me but with your tutorial i might be able to do this with additional help from Google.


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I've learnt something a lot from this tutorial. My question however is, can I apply the same steps when Migrating a Blogger site or is this specific to Wordpress blogs only?

I have a blogger site and would like to take advantage of the shared hosting at InterServer.

I'll be grateful if you replied..


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I have learned a lot from this tutorial and will go on to share this with a few of my friends as they have been needing a tutorial for this kind of thing for a while.


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Thanks for your tutorial. I ran into this problem a while back and I wish I had seen something like this to help me fix it without asking for help. Eventually I was able to migrate the WordPress site without a hitch.


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Great article! I know WordPress is used quite a bit and this is a great option for those looking into switching it up and looking at other/better options.


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Thank you very much for posting this helpful article! It might come in handy when I'm going to move my tech blog from a shared provider to a Interserver VPS in future.

Thanks for this guide - do you guys offer to move websites for the people as some other hosts or do you require people to move it themselves?

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Great share. It would help out a lot of folks. I just thought that it might be of great help if these steps can have a screenshot each. I have migrated my website from shared to VPS (different hosts) and decided to take screenshot of each of the steps. But I am unable to upload all these images here in the forum.

So published a step by step tutorial with relevant screenshots on my website. If it can be of any help to someone, I would be glad. Here's the link for the detailed tutorial -

How to Move Your WordPress Website to Another Webhost Through cPanel - http://www.vpshostingreviews.net/move-wordpress-website-another-webhost-cpanel/



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That's amazing. A lot of valuable information in here that could help me and others. Thank you very much, honestly.
Cool tutorial here. I've been looking at this in many forums and blogs here and there on about how to migrate without data loss but anything really worked or the procedure was too complicated. Thanks a lot for the infos, I appreciate them.


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I thought I was in for a daunting task but the tutorial was very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for the info!