monitor your website uptime

hi all - i found a pretty decent FREE service that lets me monitor my website uptime. its called

i have a couple of servers, particularly red5 server, that is critical its up and stays up. gotSiteMonitor will check it every 5 minutes, and notify me via email if there is a problem.

there is a phone option too, but that may not be available in the free version.

if anybody knows of a better service, i would like to know about it.


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Thanks for the heads up, was looking for a website monitor service but knew nothing about or any other similar service to be honest.


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Having a good up-time monitor would really save me some trouble and prevent potential profit loss.

It would be even better if it was reliable AND free. The notifications aspect is a huge plus, since a ringing phone, or an incoming email might notify me faster than anything else.

If only monitoring for free was in real-time :confused:


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The monitoring is included, you can add your own ips in this section. Email alerts are supported. We are looking for feedback for new feature requests too.
my new favorites are probably and has a couple of restrictions for the free service, like having to have their logo on your website somewhere (although that does not seem to be enforced too well).


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Ooh! Cool! I've never heard of that nor did I know something like that even existed! I'm going to check this out right now and I'll let you guys know how it works for me!


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I heard that most of the sites that offer up-time monitoring are usually really slow and also fake the results. Is this true and also can someone point me to the best free service that they've come across?


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Pingdom is great, but you can only have one free site. It checks every minute and also can alert you by phone (only 20 times though unless you top it up).
my new favorite is upTimeRobot - and i can assure you all its NOT fake.

since its free, try this:
1) set up upTimeRobot with email and phone for both ping, apache, and any other port that should always answer
2) reboot your server
3) watch the email and phone fireworks !
it seems pingdom sends an interesting monthy report:



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This is a great idea for making an assessment on potential hosts/servers. Glad to see my host has 99% uptime as well. I wonder what hosts have an uptime of <90%?