moving the moodle database to a new VPS


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hi all,

We need to ramp up our moodle VPS due to an influx of 1350 students coming in September. With a bit of discussion in the moodle forums, we have found that we will be better off moving the actual moodle database to a new vps and letting the files reside on the current vps (as opposed to just speccing up our current vps)

This is the preferred method for large scale moodle sites.

Anyway, if we are to follow this path we will need, or prefer, to have the new vps located on the same switch as our current vps (which i believe is in New Jersey). IS this an easy ask? Also, is it possible to request SSDs for the new VPS as well.

the last question is for other people who are also running moodle - how many students do you cater for and what are the specs of your systems?




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Moving a mysql db to a remote server is straightforward in most scripts. I am sure moodle is the same since there is one db file with the mysql hostname (currently set to localhost) which just needs to be updated.

MySQL should be in the same datacenter, so your VPS being in NJ, mysql needs to be in NJ for latency.

Moving the db is something interserver support can help with. Mysql dump and restore is what is needed, then the db config file is updated.

I do not personally run moodle so I can't say how well it scales.