mysql-ajax-table-editor (MATE)

i had a MAJOR project where i need full 'crud' ability for a dozen tables. yes, there exists myphpedit, but i needed something with substantially more power.

then i discovered mysqlajaxtableeditor.... there was a bit of a learning curve, but overall i am very impressed. the learning-curve was well worth it.

the paid version is only $20 more than the free version.

my only criticism was that MATE didn't directly support ckedit but its an easy add-on. i have been assured by the author it will soon.

Joe Huss

Staff member
Depending on what exatly you need it to do there are alot of free alternatives.

A few programs for web administration of mysql tables are and phpMyAdmin.

If you want a nice configurable ajax table that can be tied to updating / modifying a database I suggest jqGrid (demo @ Another similar alternative is DataGrid.

CKEditor is pretty easy to tie into any PHP project you can modify the source to.
here is where my needs may have been rather strange: i have a multi-generational relationship, literally five generations deep. each generation level is connected via two different foreign keys, one is with a unique number, auto-incremented. the other is a combination of one or more simple keys, with all the simple keys taken together makes for a unique value. and throw in a pair of left-joins, and that's the relationships!

so i may be editing data in the lowest table, but needing to get information at the four levels above it.

much of the data is VERY static in nature, so the primary concern is how fast we can extract it.

admittedly, i have never heard of jqGrid or DataGrid. leave it to a public forum to come up with a bunch of new solutions!

regarding phpMyAdmin, i have been using gui-workbench for some time now and i just absolutely LOVE it. i keep finding new cool features every time i look.