name-servers and migration

hi all -

i have (well had) an interesting issue with name-servers, and i think i found an interesting approach to the solution.

the issue: i have close to 100 domain names, all being migrated over to interserver. i wanted to move them in three sets
  1. multi-user-wordpress websites
  2. php/cgi-perl stuff
  3. misc. websites
so, what i decided to do: i came up with three different "vanity" or rebranded name-servers. each individual domain name will have to be changed to one of the three new name-servers.

now, here is the "magic" - i discovered clouDNS for managing zone records. its very easy to use and very well supported. so, when time comes to make the switch, all i have to do is to go in and change a few "A" records.

you ask: why not just manage zone record at interserver? a couple of dns tools, mainly was rather critical of having zone records live at the same place as my website. but more important, i like to keep things as separate and independent as possible (my two cents worth). and clouDNS premium service ($2 a month) has 10 servers scattered around the world.

the only downside i have found (if you can call it that) - clouDNS have 10 name-servers, but most places only allow for three, maybe four (although namecheap supports 10). the customer-service people suggested i just use the ones where i expect to see the most traffic, in my case, the USA.

i probably could have done the same thing entirely with namecheap, but this seemed like it was more fun!


Staff member
Just for informational purposes: when using our dns servers you can use and (both located in NJ on separate systems) as well as add which is located in LA. As we add more locations we will add dns servers there.