Need help. VPS IP have being blacklisted

I just noticed that my IP have being blacklisted. On checking with the reason given for the backlisting is DNS change. What I don't understand is that I thought backlisting affects account that sends spam only. Why should DNS changes cause backlisting. I actually changed the DNS because my 2nd name server is pointing to a wrong IP (of my former hosting account) Finally how can I resolve this issue?


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I can not see a dns change causing blacklisting, unless the domain itself is in a URL blacklist. There are two types of lists: ip based and url based. A lookup on mxtoolbox can show either of these.

Please contact support @ to look into this further.
Yes, theoretically you are right. What about the screen shot attachment. The alert description is DNS change. I actually do not understand this. Please help me. I do not know how to proceed. Ticket number 280962


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