Need Skilled People With Free Time For Project


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Hello my name is Hezekiah and I have made this forum requesting for some people who can help me and some buddies of mine with this project we are working on. I've been programming since 2011 and my plan is to make a game I've had thoughts of for years now. What we are looking for: 6 people who can do semi realistic textures/graphics, 6 who can program using the c# language, 6 people who can do electronic music, 6 people who can do complex animations with , and 6 people who know how to work with unity/a 3D modeling game engine. It's going to be a science fantasy, futuristic style survival/adventure, hack and slash, role playing game.(NOT AN MMORPG)We have a lot of ideas for this game also(When I mean a lot I have 44 pages in word explaining in detail some ideas, most of them are very small snippets of my imagination, and a handful are really creative and semi large. Don't worry these ideas aren't elaborate to the point where we are going to need a large amount of time, money and space). You might be thinking, "this is the definition of IMPOSSIBLE" , "This way to ambitious" , "It's impossible without a publisher" or something along those lines, but I have confidence and a plan of what we are doing, all I ask is for people with those qualities shown above, that's it, we plan on starting small and eventually going somewhere with this. No Scam, No "Have them do all the work while I sit back", just a programmer looking for more programmers/artists to work with. I will not be checking this forum for posts cause well I am busy and I probably won't remember to check this forum(Cause some people love destructive criticism)so go ahead and Email me at if you want information or want to work with us. I hope to have this project started sometime after may of this year, and basically that's it. Thank you for reading this and I hope this goes well.


Hmm.. C sharp guys.. you are making a hacker free game then :) I don't know C# but I can help. Let me see if I can free up my schedule.