new DNS server

my regular readers know i am usually the first to ask the idiot questions, so here goes:

how do we get to the new "advanced DNS service" from our control panels (i assume this didnt mean cPanel).

when i log in i see:
  • home
  • domains
  • VPS
  • backups
  • licensing
  • SSL
  • Webhosting
  • QuickServers
  • Servers
  • Monitoring
  • Billing
  • Support
  • <my servers>
  • logout
please note that interServer was already the best service out there. if this does a fraction of what i suspect it will do, this will take "cool" to a completely new level.


Staff member
Its under domains -> dns manager

once a domain is added (first you enter the domain + ip) there is a wrench icon you can click to manage the dns.

Default is basic editor

But you'll see on the page near the dns records a link to go to 'advanced'