New interserver abuse system rolling out


Staff member
A new abuse system has been integrated into Instead of forwarding the abuse complaint in line, a special url is emailed that can be clicked to see the entire abuse complaint, type, date and to respond to it. This has been done for two reasons

1) forwarded spam complaints can be filtered / bounced by spam software (ahem yahoo and gmail)
2) It allows us to keep better history of abuse types and complaints over the long term.

* What should you do if you get a complaint:

- View the complaint by clicking the url.
- Is the complaint valid? If so, your job is to stop the abuse (if its a insecure script spamming upgrade it, copyright complaint - remove it). Respond to the complaint when done that it has been resolved. You can contact support if you need help tracking it down.
- Is the complaint, not valid? Example you own the copyright, or its an invalid take down notice. Respond to the complaint with the details.

* What happens if I don't respond
- This is a case by case basis. But generally speaking, if with in 72 hours there is no response
1) copyright complaints / phishing sites etc - url's can be disabled
2) spam complaints - smtp can be blocked