node.js and io.js

anybody have any opinions on if its worth it to migrate from node.js over to io.js ? i made the jump if only because io.js has a much later version of V8 (or even the latest).

also, we all watched what happened with netscape (after a-o-hell) becoming moz/firefox and open-office (after oracle) becoming libra-office, and of course my favorite mysql (again after oracle) becoming maria-db.

node.js is now controlled by joyent. is there any reason not to make the jump, other than platform maturity?
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Are they 100% interchangeable. I haven't seen anyone mention io.js that I can remember . If interchangeable between both then whatever you like best. Otherwise I say stick with node.js.

MariaDB <--> mysql are 100% compatible, so splitting now on centos7 is quite easy with out any changes.
from what little research i have done (and i mean LITTLE) io.js was born because of the joyent dragging their feet with node, and the original developers had gotten tired of waiting (sound familiar??)

the only difference i have seen so far is that io.js is very difficult to build on my centos-6.6 box. but the nightly binary build seemed to work right out of the box. i gave up trying to build my own from scratch.

and of course the V8 engine is much newer. node.js was using a V8 version that is not even supported anymore (big red warning flag).

in case anybody is curious, io.js is a server-side jScript language just like what you run in chrome, except running on the server. it has many extra commands that are obviously not available on a client-side run. so you can do things like for example have your own little webserver running in just a few lines of simple code. i primarily use it so i can have my own little program running on the server that communicates with all my webpages via port 8000.

hopefully a month or two from now i will be talking about Meteor and leaving io.js behind.

mysql vs maria-db - i am wondering if mongoDB will make that decision obsolete !
I don't know much about io.js but for the few times I've played around with node I didn't really feel the necessity to change it with someone elese just because it's quite good as it is. It's expandable and customizable in a lot of ways that gives you the freedom to move how you want.
having used iojs for a month now, i REALLY appreciate the idea that this is using a newer version of V8.

and there is talk the two sides will come to some sort of understanding and reunite. but for now, i vote with sticking with the cutting edge one (iojs)


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Uhm.. I don't think they're the same thing. Their FAQ says they're both npm-compatible but I'm not sure if you get all the features in both of them. IO.js began as a fork of Node, but that's the only thing uniting them. Ever since then they followed different paths.
actually, the more i use iojs the more i think its a drop-in replacement for node.js except of course iojs supports all the newest V8 features. last i heard node.js is using an unsupported V8 version.

i think a good analogy would be mariaDB and mysql.

rumor has it the two warring parties might reunite.