NSA Flack and Hack


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Was curious if Interserver has had to deal with the NSA/FBI etc nonsense all over the news lately.

As far as website material, I feel that anything I put on a website is there for the world to view anyway, but to get into non-public areas, in the case of shopping carts, seems very risky for everyone.

I would not want my personal data shared with Israel, England, Germany, etc. via the NSA.

I've already seen the criminals coming out of China servers, hijacking sites with a phony FBI page, and locking up a browser, telling the user there is a $300.00 fine, to go to Walmart and get a GreenDot Visa Card, and use it to pay the $300.00, to unlock the browser. They are capitalizing (illegally) on the news about the NSA and FBI snooping.

There's a lot of gullible people, and people just ignorant of what's going on that would actually pay it. (Probably funding terrorists)?

What ever happened to Internet 2? The USA only internet that was supposed to be developed and started during the Clinton years.


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There have been questions from some clients but otherwise nothing really coming from the NSA stories coming around directly relating to interserver.

If you are concerned you may want to consider a VPN (or vps as a proxy) to secure your connection from where ever you go while browsing. For email PGP (pretty good privacy) is an open source system for encryption.

For a secure web browsing experience I recommend firefox + http://noscript.net. By default scripts won't load at all, you can whitelist specific pages, and temporarily allow others whil browsing.

Not sure what ever happened to internet2, it was always for research. Looks like it still may be around.